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Manchester United Foundation

The Orchards school has recently partnered with the Manchester United Foundation for its first academic year. This partnership will involve a trained SEND Officer from the Foundation being based at The Orchards school and will work alongside the staff to develop new skills and opportunities for the children to access.

The safety and welfare of all the participants is paramount to ensure the planned activities can be delivered in the most appropriate way for the children to access. In order to do this we provide Manchester United Foundation with basic information about each pupil taking part.

This includes the student’s name, date of birth, postcode, gender, ethnicity and basic details of their special educational needs to ensure that the correct provision is made to enable all children to participate in the activities on offer. We may also provide emergency contact details if required.

Any information we supply to the Manchester United Foundation is securely held and used only for the purposes of delivering the activities and evaluating their success. All information is processed and safeguarded strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws. If you require any further information about Manchester United Foundation or require a copy of their privacy policy, please contact

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