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Term Dates

Term Dates for 2023 – 2024

Autumn 1Weds, 6th Sep 2023Fri, 20th Oct 2023
Autumn 2Tues, 31st Oct 2023Weds, 21st Dec 2023
Spring 1Thurs, 4th Jan 2024Fri, 9th Feb 2024
Spring 2Mon, 19th Feb 2024Fri, 22nd March 2024
Summer 1Mon, 8th April 2024 Fri, 24th May 2024
Summer 2Mon, 10th June 2024Thurs, 25th July 2024

School Closed (Public Holidays)

Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2024

School Closed (Staff Training)

Monday 4th September 2023
Tuesday 5th September 2023
Wednesday 3rd January 2024
Friday 5th July 2024
Friday 26th July 2024

Term Dates for 2024 – 2025

Autumn 1Weds, 4th Sep 2024Fri, 25th Oct 2024
Autumn 2Mon, 4th Nov 2024Fri, 20th Dec 2024
Spring 1Tues, 7th Jan 2025Fri, 14th Feb 2025
Spring 2Mon, 24th Feb 2025Fri, 4th April 2025
Summer 1Tues, 22nd April 2025Fri, 23rd May 2025
Summer 2Mon, 9th June 2025Fri, 25th July 2025

School Closed (Public Holidays)

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2025

School Closed (Staff Training)

Monday 2nd September 2024
Tuesday 3rd September 2024
Wednesday 6th January 2025
Monday 28th July 2025
Tuesday 29th July 2025

No holidays in school time will be authorised

During the 2011 -12 academic year almost 10% of absence from school in England was due to parents taking their children on holiday during term time. This high level of absence has led the Government to make important changes to legislation.

From 1 September 2013, the new law gives no entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. Any application for leave must only be in exceptional circumstances and the Head Teacher must be satisfied that the circumstances are exceptional and warrant the granting of leave.

Head Teachers are not expected to approve any term time holiday as exceptional.  Parents can receive a Penalty Notice for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from the school.

We appreciate the challenges that some parents face when booking holidays, particularly during school holidays. However all time in school is important and we are expecting that you will fully support the school as it responds to this new legislation.  We will no longer grant time off school for holidays under any circumstances.

In addition leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances for a limited period of time.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the school to thank you for your full support in this matter by not taking your child out of school during term time.

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