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At the Orchards, communication is at the centre of everything we do! We use a total communication approach in out school – This means that we use a variety of different methods to enable everyone to communicate with each other using a tailored approach that meets individuals needs and abilities, this is happening all of the time using lots of different methods.

By supporting children and young people to use alternative and augmentative (AAC) ways to communicate, we can increase their positive interactions and provide them with opportunities to understand and express themselves fully. We call this a total communication approach.

Once a person has the means to communicate and they feel listened to, then trusting relationships are formed. Once these relationships are formed, teaching and learning can begin. 

Below you will find our Total Communication Board. Here there are a variety of resources to support learning at school, home and in the community. If you would like any specific resources, such as communication boards or visuals, please contact your child’s class teacher who will be happy to provide these for you.

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“The ability to communicate is one of the most basic human needs: allowing a pupil an effective means to express themselves supports their human dignity. Every minute of every school day, communication is the key to social, emotional, functional, and academic progress.”

Judge Teresa Ravandi

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