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Cold Weather and Snow Action Plan

In the case of snow or icy weather, the Senior Leadership Team, supported by site services, will make every effort to keep the school open. However, there may be times when we are not able to open the school without putting pupils or staff at risk and we may need, reluctantly, to close for the day or to send pupils home early.

We make every effort to keep the The Orchards School open. If the school is going to close, we will send you a message on the school messaging service Marvellous Me by 7am.

When deciding whether to open the school,  we consider the following points:

  • current weather conditions and the local weather forecast
  • road reports and reports on public transport (so that we can judge whether pupils and staff will be able to attend school)
  • whether home-school transport is running
  • whether it is safe to drive onto the school site
  • whether it is safe to move around the school site

The Senior Leadership Team will make their decision, supported by Bright Futures, by 7.00 a.m. at the latest and earlier if possible. Parents will receive a Marvellous Me message if the school is closed to pupils. Information will also be posted on the school website, facebook and ‘X’.

On snowy or icy days when the school is open, we may close early or allow transport to leave site early so that everyone can get home safely and in good time. Parents will be informed by the transport providers or by text from the school.

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