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Reading & Phonics

At The Orchards, we recognise the importance of early reading and phonics in nurturing the literacy skills of our pupils with diverse needs. Through individualised support and evidence-based practices, we empower our children to unlock the world of reading. Our dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and therapists collaborate to implement tailored phonics-based interventions, enabling our pupils to build strong foundations in literacy. With a focus on multisensory learning experiences and personalised strategies, we celebrate the progress and achievements of each pupil as they develop their reading skills and confidence in engaging with the curriculum. Together, we cultivate a supportive and inclusive environment where every child has the opportunity to succeed and thrive in their literacy journey.

Have a look below for some more information on reading and phonics at The Orchards.

Bug Club Phonics

At The Orchards we chose to invest in the Bug Club phonics scheme for our school as it is rooted in an evidence-based approach and proven effectiveness in supporting pupilss with diverse learning needs. Research studies have highlighted the positive impact of Bug Club Phonics on improving phonics skills, reading fluency, and overall literacy outcomes for children, including those with special educational needs. The structured and progressive nature of the program aligns well with the individualised learning plans at our school, allowing for tailored support and differentiation to meet the unique needs of each pupil. The multi-sensory and interactive elements of Bug Club Phonics also offer engaging learning experiences that can motivate and inspire our children to develop their literacy skills with confidence. Overall, the research-supported effectiveness, adaptability, and engaging features of Bug Club Phonics make it a valuable resource for empowering our pupils to succeed in their reading and phonics development.

Below you will find our parents guide to Bug Club Phonics. We run regular parent training on the teaching of reading at The Orchards so please keep an eye on the newsletter for the next workshop date.

For more information on the Bug Club scheme you can access the Pearson website by clicking here

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