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The Engage Curriculum

‘…Children with severe learning difficulties sometimes lack interest in the world generally. This can be a challenge but providing exciting activities can help to provoke interest. We need to introduce children to different kinds of animals, let them experience the weather first hand, work with artists, make films, visit unusual places, people and things and experience a range of physical movements from abseiling to horse-riding to sailing to ice skating. Just erecting a tent and eating homemade popcorn in it can provoke many thinking skills. There is a big wide world to be discovered beyond the routine, although we must be careful not to provide a catalogue of unconnected experiences. The connection is thinking and problem solving and we need to make that very explicit or the children may not notice. ` Lacey, 2000)

Our vision is to provide our learners with developmentally appropriate experiences that will challenge and support them to understand and actively access the world around them.

We aim to provide our learners with skills and knowledge that is relevant to them, their life and their future.

The teaching of the Engage curriculum will nurture transferable skills and holistic development within the key areas of; My Communication, My Engagement, My Play & Leisure, My independence, My Thinking & Problem Solving


The aims of the Engage curriculum are:

  • To put pupils at the centre of their curriculum by creating individual accessible learning opportunities that promote personal development.
  • To support pupils to be in control of their learning by giving them an environment that they can understand.
  • To support Pupils to access an engaging curriculum, with specialist resources and adaptive technology, to interact with and change to encourage development.
  • To support pupils to make connections and build upon powerful accessible knowledge concepts.

The Curriculum

The Engagement Curriculum is an explorative learning experience which provides pupils with a broad, balanced, rich and meaningful curriculum.

It provides a flexible thematic curriculum approach for students with a range of complex learning profiles. Learning opportunities reflect the needs of the individual and aim to develop skills that are purposeful and beneficial to our pupils. The curriculum themes are used as vehicles for skills-based learning.

Our curriculum aims to prepare learners for life after the Orchards by providing functional and personalised learning that enables them to successfully navigate the wider world.

Our Engagement Curriculum follows the principles and format of the EQUALS In-formal Curriculum which aims to promote the highest standards of education for pupils with learning difficulties and offers a progressive and multi-tiered curriculum approach. It has its own curriculum areas that are designed to support the overall development of our learners.

Example Timetable

For more detailed information on the Engage Curriculum please have a look below

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