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Earwig Assessment Framework

At The Orchards we choose to use Earwig to track how your child is doing again their personalised learning intentions (PLIMs) because it helps teachers collect and share evidence of your child’s progress in a way that suits their needs. With Earwig, teachers can show how your child is doing using photos, videos, and other formats, making it easier to see their achievements. This means you can work together with teachers to support your child’s individual learning goals. Earwig also has tools that help teachers understand your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, so they can provide the best support for their learning.

We love to see what your child has been learning at home and Earwig has a feature where you can upload all the great things your child has been doing at home. Please see below information about how you can access your child’s personalised assessment framework and upload learning from home.

The Orchards Earwig Guide for Parents

A Parents Experience of Earwig

Click below to here how parents and carers use Earwig to engage with school

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