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Eid Celebrations April 2024

At The Orchards, we believe in embracing and celebrating the diversity of our children, families and wider community. One of the most joyous and meaningful celebrations at our school is Eid, a festival observed by our Muslim families and staff. During Eid, our school comes alive with vibrant decorations, delicious traditional food, and a joyful party that brings our whole community together. In Friday our children came to school dressed in their finest attire and share in the spirit of generosity, kindness, and unity that defines Eid. They enjoyed the senory experiences of Henna hand painting, explored a variety of foods smelling and tasting spices from around the world and listened to the sounds of the call to prayer. They were immersed in these expereinces and as always our staff team thoought carefully about maximising learning in every aspects of the day. We know that these expereinces have helped our children learn about and appreciate the significance of this important holiday. Eid celebrations at The Orchards have served as a beautiful reminder of the strength and richness of our diverse community, promoting understanding, respect, and unity among all.

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