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CAFT visit – 25th April 2024

On the 25th of Aprill 2024, our Brambles, Riverside 1 and Meadows 2 children alongside staff and parents had the opportunity to visit The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT). We began the day by boarding all 67 of us on to the coach which is where the children showed their fabulous waiting skills. During the journey and upon arrival to the farm, the children demonstrated how well they can follow instructions, as well as how to act in the wider world by keeping their seat belts on, holding their key adults when crossing the roads and watching out for any vehicles. 

When we arrived, the lovely CAFT team took us all to the play area where children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the equipment and even enjoyed chasing some ducks. The CAFT team then took us to the farm where we had the pleasure to look and touch some of their friendly farm animals. At this point, the children showcased how brave they are by even feeding some of the animals. We then took shelter under a lovely tent where the children ate their dinner, and once again showed us how well they can act in the wider world by ensuring any food rubbish they had they placed it in the bin. To conclude the day, the CAFT team took us all to their woodland area where we had the opportunity to explore a mud kitchen, a sound wall filled with different pans and pipes, a sensory path with different textures of gravel and stones, and simply enjoy being outdoors and running free. Our children showed us how they truly are our Orchards champions who love to learn by being praised by the CAFT team, who said how impressed they were with how well the children have behaved and how they showed fantastic engagement in all parts of the farm.  After spending some time in the woodland area, it was time to go back to school and take a well deserved rest!

All the staff were super proud of the children, as each individual child showed fantastic engagement in their own special way, either through asking questions or looking attentively at their environment. We also want to give thanks to the CAFT team for allowing us to visit their farm and even adapting their plan to suit the needs of our children. And lastly, a big thanks to all our parents who took the time out of their busy lives to help us during the trip. 

Parent Feedback

‘We really appreciate the school for its efforts to make children happy and help them explore new surroundings without their families’

‘Huge thanks to the school and staff in making sure children were safe and happy, and giving them an opportunity to visit a place where they haven’t been before or might never go to’

‘We were really pleased that we were able to join the trip as it allowed us to spend one to one time with their child as well as meet with new parents’

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