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Catalyst Science Discovery Centre – 26.02.24

On Friday 26th April, Woodland 2 and 5 boarded a bus bound for Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes. Even just travelling there on a bus was very exciting with the pupils commenting on everything they could see out of the windows! 

On arrival, we went straight to a Light Show hosted by the museum. We learned about thermal imaging and saw ourselves on camera. We had a go at jumping over lasers, imagining ourselves to be spies or secret agents. We wore special glasses that meant we could see light being refracted and made lights look like rainbows. 

After dinner, we went up 4 flights of stairs (PE ticked off for the day!) and enjoyed the panoramic view from the windows and explored some hands-on exhibits related to the local area, including building a bridge using wooden and plastic and watching a time lapse video of the tides. 

Downstairs, we spent a long time in the interactive gallery where there were lots of exhibits to try out, including angling light at solar powered planes to make them fly, standing in front of a camera to make us look like we were presenting the weather on TV, creating large 3D marble runs and exploring magnets and iron filings. 

Everyone had a great time and was so well behaved. Hopefully everyone has also remembered some facts that we’ll be able to apply in our forthcoming science lessons. 

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