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Our Classes

At The Orchards School every child has a Personalised Learning Plan which combines all the information around each child from every professional involved. This person-centred planning ensures that all children’s educational, health and social care needs are understood, planned for and ultimately fully met.

At The Orchards we offer three bespoke learning pathways for the children. Each pathway has been carefully designed to enable the development of optimum learning environments which can be carefully sculpted to meet the needs of all children. These pathways enable us to ensure that similar approaches and strategies can be established with groups of children who have similar learning profiles.

There are currently four pathways at The Orchards.

These pathways while offering a discreet package of support for the learners on their pathway also all ensure that the core offer of the school is accessed by all learners.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
The Orchards School
Audley Avenue
Stretford M32 9TG